Faculty of Engineering

Department Brief

Medical Engineering Department was founded in 2000 to supply local and regional markets with qualified graduates enable to address global advances and modern developments in Medical Engineering fields. The Department of Medical Engineering at the university is keen to build a generation of engineers who are capable of working with advanced electronics and biomechanics, through the integration of engineering sciences with medical sciences.

The department includes qualified faculty members with various experiences, degrees and ranks, as the department includes one professor, two associate professors, three assistant professors and one lecturer. Graduates who choose Medical Engineering branch, distinguished by its miscellaneous terms, are qualified to harness engineering sciences to find medical solutions that will boost and improve health care provided to the community. The number of admitted students increased gradually to reach about 250 in 2020/2021 academic year. More than 600 students are graduated since the department foundation. According to the department records, the graduates occupy decent positions inside and outside Jordan. Also some of them joined post graduate studies.